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Water & Wastewater

Westpro’s expertise in water and wastewater treatment is rooted in over 3 decades of working with a variety of stakeholders in both industrial and municipal projects. This insight, combined with expertise in solids settling and solid-liquid separation technologies, ideally positions Westpro to deliver high performance process technology solutions to the industry.

Westpro’s line of water and water treatment equipment can be used for a significant number of unit operations in the wastewater treatment process, from screening out large suspended solids to the removal of fine solids in a secondary circular clarifier. Multiple equipment units can be combined to provide a modular process solution for sections of the treatment plant.

Fermenter in Vernon, BC, Canada

Clarifier in Lillooet, BC, Canada

Clarifier in Squamish, BC, Canada

Products Utilized in Equipment For Wastewater Operations